Personalizing Your Thank You Notes

Personalizing their Richmond wedding has become more important to couples recently. Nobody wants to have the same wedding that a million other people have already had, so the colors, location, decor, cake design and other touches are chosen to paint a picture of the who the couple is.

Recent RBA clients Susan and Bryan continued this personalization through to the thank you notes, which I thought was a really nice touch. Using a photo of the couple, they had custom cards printed up to use for their thank yous instead of a standard generic one. When I received this card in the mail I really liked it, and I thought that it was a great way to bring back memories of the wedding day for their guests. I can imagine that this card was probably more fun for their friends and family to receive than a plain card would have been.

custom thank you note, richmond wedding

This is also something that you could do using an engagement photo if you wanted to have them ready right after the wedding, or a candid photo that was taken during the reception if you want to order them during your honeymoon. (Don’t pretend, we know that you’d order them during your honeymoon if you really wanted to!) It’s a nice touch, and it’s a fun thing for your guests to receive.

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