Dessert Buffet Details To Consider

By Kara Buntin, owner of A Cake To Remember LLC I’ve been having a lot of brides ask about doing dessert buffets, but they usually mention that it’s because it will be cheaper than getting a large wedding cake. That isn’t necessarily true… When I got married I did a dessert buffet, but it was by…

Personalizing Your Thank You Notes

Personalizing their Richmond wedding has become more important to couples recently. Nobody wants to have the same wedding that a million other people have already had, so the colors, location, decor, cake design and other touches are chosen to paint a picture of the who the couple is.

Recent RBA clients Susan and Bryan continued this personalization through to the thank you notes, which I thought was a really nice touch. Using a photo of the couple, they had custom cards printed up to use for their thank yous instead of a standard generic one. When I received this card in the mail I really liked it, and I thought that it was a great way to bring back memories of the wedding day for their guests. I can imagine that this card was probably more fun for their friends and family to receive than a plain card would have been.

custom thank you note, richmond wedding

This is also something that you could do using an engagement photo if you wanted to have them ready right after the wedding, or a candid photo that was taken during the reception if you want to order them during your honeymoon. (Don’t pretend, we know that you’d order them during your honeymoon if you really wanted to!) It’s a nice touch, and it’s a fun thing for your guests to receive.

Wedding Trends

bouquetEvery bride wants a wedding that’s unique to her…but they also want to keep up with the trends. From rustic barn weddings to red carpet-inspired bridal gowns, everyone wants to be on trend, or even better, ahead of the curve.Colleen of CCS Events says that she sees a lot of color trends, and that the one that’s coming in right now is teal. “One of the top trends I see is TEAL…This bluish-green color is now the “in” thing. It can be used in the bridesmaids’ dresses, sashes, table linens, paper products and flowers that have teal hues such as succulents, hydrangeas and dusty miller. Brides are now pairing it with hot pink, blush and gold for an even more glam look. We cannot tell you how many teal and (insert and pink shade here) weddings we’re designing this year!”

Kara from A Cake To Remember seconds the idea of teal, and adds that metallics are also very hot. “Cake decorators are talking about metallics a lot right now. Either entire tiers that are covered with real gold leaf, metallic accents painted on the cake of the sugar flowers, or bling wrap on the cake that gives you the look of rhinestones. Anything that’s reflective is really hot right now. I’m also seeing a lot of interest in using non-traditional flowers like magnolias and succulents (in light teal/greyish green colors) on the cake instead of the traditional sugar roses. Sugar succulents are cute and unexpected.”

Chardonney from The Prop Shop says that they’ve had a lot of interest in their mahogany Chivari chairs, and also in natural wood folding chairs. Both of these options give you a more natural wood look, as opposed to the more traditional colored chairs. The natural wood also goes well with the rustic look that’s still popular for receptions.

Ellen from Jingles Bridal says that color for the bridal gown is very on-trend. “I’m seeing a lot of silver, pink, oatmeal, champagne and other colors for the bridal gown itself. And strapless is still big, but there are a lot of designs that now have illusion necklines, which gives you a sheer panel at the top of the bodice. This look is HUGE right now.” It’s also very classic (think Grace Kelly) and flattering!

When using design elements that are trendy, choose one or two that appeal to you, don’t go overboard. You want the trends that you incorporate to enhance your reception design, not overwhelm them.

More RBA Brides’ Reception Ideas

IMG_3392Why not do something a little more fun than the traditional guest book? Most of those are put on a bookshelf where nobody sees them, but there are other options.

Signature mats have been popular for the last ten years or so, and that’s a good option. So are the silver trays that guests can sign with a special pen that etches their signatures into the surface.

One RBA bride, who had her wedding and reception at The Manor House At King’s Charter, had her guests sign fabric squares that would later be sewn into a quilt. That’s an excellent idea for a few reasons. First, you’ll have all of your guests’ signatures in one place, and you can actually use the quilt and have a reminder of your wedding every day. Second, the quilt can be put together by a family member or a friend, which adds a special touch. Third, it’s something that can be passed down and will actually be used, as opposed to the “family heirlooms” that sit on a shelf gathering dust.

If you have someone in your family or circle of friends who has the experience and is able to make a quilt (and who is willing to do this as your wedding gift!) this is a great idea.  If you don’t know someone, you can find pre-made wedding quilts on Etsy and have them ready for your guests to sign.

Working Together

 mike topham photography wedding

When RBA members get married, who do they hire to perform services at their weddings? Other RBA members, of course!

Ginger Topham, daughter of Mike Topham (Mike Topham Photography)  got married this weekend, and RBA members were there contributing.  A Cake To Remember brought the cake, and CCS Events coordinated the entire event.

If wedding professionals trust RBA members for their own weddings, then maybe you should too. Check out our member list to see who you should be hiring!